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There's a famous quote (sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln) that says, "After age 40, you're responsible for your face." I'm nearly two decades past 40 now, and I've arrived at a place where I want to not only be responsible for the story told by my face, but to be utterly transparent and fearlessly revealed in the world.

And I live in many worlds.

My 25-year career as a marketing consultant for corporate America allowed me to acquire the usual trophies, including clients with private jets, a glittering group of Hollywood friends, a massive mortgage and a couple of divorces... the typical trappings of an upwardly-mobile life in Los Angeles.

Fast-forward 20-something years through a hyperspeed panorama of identities, locations, losses and gifts, and things turned out to be anything but typical. Apparently my Spirit guides, in partnership with the intention of my own soul, decided to gently but firmly lead me away from the world of matter toward the world of Spirit.

As Einstein once said, it turns out that the Universe is friendly.

I now live in a tiny town in the eastern foothills of the Oregon Cascades, and my life's work is about teaching people how to perceive death, grief and loss in a new way by tuning in to the divine guidance that is constantly being broadcast to us from the higher realms of consciousness. My second book on the subject has just been published, and I've gone back to school for a degree in Divinity and a career as a hospice chaplain.

For some reason, people seem to be interested in what I have to say (even corporate America).

Nobody is more surprised than I am. Scroll down for more...

A Swan in Heaven:
Conversations Between Two Worlds

My first channeled book,
based on after-death dialogs with my son on The Other Side.

Published September 2007

Conversations in the Spiritual Voice

A guide to the various classes, workshops,
and gatherings I facilitate around the U.S.


Afterlife Awareness Education

Here you'll find information about workshops, teleclasses,
online forums, counseling and other services, including:

. Channeled Grief Guidance
. Afterlife Awareness Education
. Instruction in After-Death Communication
The Afterlife Awareness Conference!

Rev. Terri Daniel

End-of-Life Advisor,
Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement Support
President, Afterlife Education Foundation


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Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Wedding and commitment ceremonies,
baby blessings, memorial services,
seasonal celebrations and more

The Mainstream

For corporate clients who managed to find their way to this web page,
click here for my professional writing/marketing website: www.TerriDaniel.com

Embracing Death:
A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God

Published Sept. 2010

End-of-Life Spiritual Support
for Animals and Their Families

. Assistance with end-of-life decisions
. Transition guidance for the animal spirit
. Rituals and ceremonies
. Bereavement counseling

Turning the Corner on Grief Street:
Loss and Bereavement
as Journey of Awakening

Published May 2014